Education and museum proposals

Please see the above link to the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge homepage for further information about the project and also some interesting ideas and facts.

The tri-lingual publication (German, English, French) approaches the subject of the First World War in various different ways. It includes an anthology of poems as well as an introduction to the paintings of Georges Victor-Hugo, who as a war artist worked directly at the front. Units about the biographies of soldiers from East Frisia, a cross-border remembrance project, searching for clues at a war memorial and the issue of propaganda have been developed especially for classroom use.

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The Volksbund German war graves commission believes that four decades after the end of the Second World War, national and international war cemeteries are more than just places of mourning and remembrance. They show students the consequences of the wars and dictatorships that governed the first half of the 20th century. The graves of men and women, soldiers and civilians, and people of all nationalities inspire questions which allow the subject to be approached on a different, tangible and regional history related level.

Using the Schlüchtern war cemetery as an example, this handout designed by the Hessen regional branch explains the various options for establishing a project group and focusing on a particular war graves site in order to learn in a research based way.

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Regional Branch Hessen
Tracking war casualties online

The Hessen regional branch is making a project available to the public: an online war casualty research facility.

It is aimed at illustrating the geographical extent of the First World War as well as the various effects the First World War had on individual communities.

The description below provides an overview of the objectives, method, content aspects/leading questions, realisation tips and ideas for more in-depth work at a glance.
An online research worksheet with a detailed description of the tasks is also available. This can be handed out to students/groups/individuals along with instructions on online research methods.

- Description of online research procedure (in German)

Instructions for locating a grave (in German)

- Online research worksheet (in German)

This project idea makes it possible to make the First World War more tangible through independent research and the discovery of individual fates.

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Regional Branch Hessen
Searching for local historical evidence

The regional branch Hessen has also designed another fully developed project similar to 'Tracking war casualties online', again available free of charge. The search for local historical evidence allows those searching to establish a regional connection.

- Description 'Searching for local historical evidence' (in German)

- Worksheet 'Searching for local historical evidence' (in German)

The objective is the exploration of local war cemeteries as part of a regional culture of remembrance and commemoration, and the contextualisation of the First World War within the German national culture of remembrance and commemoration.

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The Duisburg Institut für Sprach- und Sozialforschung, a sociolinguistic research centre, has developed a pedagogical concept for peace education at war cemetery sites.
Besides a history overview, the handout Kriegsdenkmäler als Lernorte friedenspädagogischer Arbeit - 'War Memorials as Peace Education Sites' - offers suggestions and ideas for educational projects. It also contains a section on different bibliographies. 

Follow the headline link to download this carefully prepared, informative material free of charge in PDF.

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